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Thursday, June 25, 2015

idk it's a fetish or not

I'd love to see man's hands. Their arms or palms. 
I've noticed them.
I know I have a hand fetish since I started high school. I love my (ex)boyfriend's hand. It became apparent when we met for the first time. Big palms, long fingers, dayum. As people gathered around, I would focus my eyes on their hand. Every quality is important. I always notice how men grasp or swing their hands. Some men had small hands and some had large hands. The second is my favorite type. I realized my fetish for men hands.
I became excited everytime I see someone's hands. When there was a man that I liked/loved, I would hold their hands. I would do anything to get what I want haha. But, I also like it when people touch my hands. People always commented that my hands are small, smooth, and soft. 
It's a nice feeling to hold hands with a guy and have his hands encompass yours. I like when hands are strong, warm, and yes long fingers may have me thinking less than pure thoughts haha. I'm more into arms though. Something about defined forearms with a few veins visible is downright sexyyy hahaha.
My habit is so fucking weird, but it connects me to every individual. 
So.... my habit is unconventional enough?

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