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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

untitled poetry-just some poetry (by Grim Grimouir)

sit here and watch
there's a light beneath the earth
a mountain of rock are falling
crumbling and now on it's knee
run to the sea and dive to it's kidney
just to see my friends drown
raise against the surface
where the light is shine too bright

hide in cave! hurry!
my eyes are burn!
now i'm blind
but lucky my heart not blind

searching into the darkness
here i found the light that anyone can't see it
only people that his eyes close and his heart open
hey!? wheres the light?

now i'm begin to be dirty
unclean and disrespected
that only see with eyes not heart
sometimes i hope i'm blind again

sometimes i miss that light
a beauty light inside the darkness
a purity inside darkness that blur your eyes
a bright light in the sparkling fake things

now i'm old
i'm crumbling and on my knees
now i live but also die
i'm just walk and eat and talk to live
but not to be young again

finally i will come back
to the earth...
to the sky...
to the sea...
and to the light...

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