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Sunday, November 13, 2011

QUIZ from Natasha

Today I've been tagged by Natasha. So, langsung aja ke pertanyaan2nyaa~

1. If you have a lot of money, you want to buy something about technologies or your style?
Both, coz I love things about tech or fashion

2. Before you go to school, you choose eat bread and cheese or just drink milk?
Always drinks milk

3. At your School ,you choose, meet your boyfriend (if do you have) at breaktime or your friends?
Both, hehe, because I love them

4. After school, you want to do what?
I wanna browsing or having a lunch

5. What your hoping from your country to the all of citizen?
I hope for peacefull country and great country

6. Choose. Be a President or be a people who usefull to all people?
Be a poeple who usefull, because I can do something worthly and make inspiration to people

7. If you meet a president ,you want to say what?
"Don't just see your people, but help them and make something better to this country !"

8. What your opinion about your country?
I thought that my country was a CORRUPTION kingdom and RIOT nations *speechless*

9. You are a mysterious or a humorist people?
I mean, I'm a mysterious person, but sometimes I can be a humoriest person

10. Choose one. You want a handsome boyfriend but not cool or a cool boyfriend but not handsome ?
mmm, both are better, hehe, maybe a cool boyfriend but not handsome is more interest, hehe

11. Choose one, a beauty girl or a cute girl?
Cute girl is more better

So, I'll tag these questions, for all bloggers who have read this post !
Yeah, YOU !
You may copy all questions *exclunded my all answers*, then you can tag to 11 people.

Done for this quiz. Sorry, if my English here are too bad.

With Love,

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sri wijayanti said...

halooo :)
blognya cute banget nih. hehe :D

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