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Saturday, July 12, 2014

how to draw Rilakkuma

nothing's hard when we want to try it.
here's the simple steps to draw the most kawaii bear, Rilakkuma.
step by step.


Draw a circle for the head, and a rounded end body guide like so. When that is done you can add the facial guideline, then proceed to step two.
how to draw rilakkuma, rilakkuma step 1


Simply shape out the shape of Rilakkuma's head like so, then proceed to step three.
how to draw rilakkuma, rilakkuma step 2


You will now begin drawing the body which should have small stiff arms, and stubby legs. Draw the circle on the stomach, then move along to the next drawing step.
how to draw rilakkuma, rilakkuma step 3


For your last drawing step all you have to do is draw in the rounded ears, then color in the eyes. Draw the snout, color in the nose and make the mouth. You will also need to add the detailing for the ears as well.
how to draw rilakkuma, rilakkuma step 4


Now you can color in this adorable bear.
how to draw rilakkuma, rilakkuma step 5

easy, isn't it ?

or maybe you can try this easiest one.
just draw that ears more bigger.

 and now you're done.


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